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Najel Organic Natural Sponge

Najel Organic Natural Sponge

Skin care

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The sea sponge is a remarkable living organism originating from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Following several years of growth, skilled divers carefully handpick the Laurus sea sponge in designated protected fishing zones.

This natural sponge outperforms most synthetic alternatives, excelling in both absorbency and lather production. Its remarkable suppleness provides the skin with a delightful sensation of unparalleled softness.

Perfect for daily cleansing and suitable for all skin types, it comes highly recommended for those with sensitive or delicate skin. It's an ideal choice for bathing your child or baby, ensuring a gentle and soothing experience.


Suitable for all skin types, the sea sponge is used for daily washing. Recommended by dermatologists for washing delicate skins, it’s ideal for washing baby.

It may also be used for facial care. After washing your face or using a mask, rinse then remove the excess with the sea sponger. Its softness is bliss for the fragile skin on the face


The Lauras sea sponge is a 100 % natural living organism that comes from the depths of the Mediterranean. After several years of growth (1 to 2 cm per year), it is handpicked by divers working in fishing protected areas. Sea sponges have been used on the Greek islands, particularly on Kalymnos, since known as "the sea sponge fishermen’s island".

Back in the day, apart from its use for washing, it could be used as padding for armor. It was also used to carry water, wine and honey to the mouths of the sick and to wash and treat injuries.


100% natural.
Origin Mediterranean Sea

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